PHOTO by PAUL BRIGHTON for Lakeridge Life Magazine

In January 2014, I published, “In with the Old and Season with the New: What Food Communicates from Past to New Years.” It resonated with people of all ages, lifestyles, cultures, and relationships to food – supporting my observation that food is a powerful medium of communication and a touchstone of enduring and precious relationships. In 2021, a neighbor-turned-friend, with whom I’d toughed out the pandemic by sharing ingredients, recipes and home cooking, requested a revival of my kitchen chronicles in our local publication, Lakeridge Life Magazine. I was flattered. I’m now ecstatic, as no matter my downsized digs and smaller empty-nest cookware, this reprint has spurred fresh conversations with new and familiar friends and family about the visceral connections that food facilitates. Buona lettura and buon appetito!

Lisa Bernard is retired from two rewarding careers. Now based in Litchfield County, Connecticut, she spends her time musing and writing about the wildlife in her habitat and her travels on horseback. She can be reached at

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