Liz Ambrico of Wordy Tips & Tidings Interviews Blogger Lisa Bernard

Creatively speaking, blogging is a vehicle for personal reflection, articulation, connection and correspondence. Communicating with fellow bloggers and readers is usually prompt, instructive, thoughtful and rewarding. Whether I muse on horses, proffer a “how-to” on communication, ponder the life cycle or chronicle my encounters with wildlife, my readers’ reactions reveal my writing strengths – clarity, novelty, persuasiveness, relevance – and its imperfections.

When We Were Simply, Truly, Beautifully “The Americans”

A service corps of women who could gracefully navigate a proud people with a superpower mentality and a third-world lifestyle. Entrepreneurial ambassadors and citizen diplomats who could humbly attend a world-class ballet and use a bathroom without toilet seats, tissues or stall doors. And they did. Because what mattered was that we were women with a tremendous amount to offer and principles that drove us to pay forward our successes and stability where the value added was incalculable and invaluable. Showing up and sharing, nudging the turns of history, facing forward to a peaceful future, all together, in-person was our way. It was the American way. And, by the way, on their own hard-earned dime and on their own precious time.

I’m Tellin’ Ya, Go Stuff It!

Served warm to arriving guests on a blustery day, these little finger foods make a delicious first act for your chilly-weather, comfort-food menu. They pair well with pumpkin bread and butternut squash soup for a first course. Have them encircle sweet potatoes at the main event and they'll complement the flavor palette and add texture and shape to your presentation.

Undercover Lovers Revealed on “National Read a Book Day”

Flashback fifty years to the New York Public Library Bookmobile that delivered the gems of that treasure chest to nerdy, bespectacled, fat and freckled, grade-schooler me in Queens, at Public School 2. There in the 1960s, librarians were the ambassadors of life beyond the boroughs. I could no more break their rules and write in my prized copies of Harriet the Spy or From the The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler than graffiti the walls of my parents' row home.

The Pleasures & Protein Power of Hummus, Pita and Falafel

Two surprises came my way.  I discovered how quick and simple it is to make yummy, fresh hummus.  From assembly of five ingredients and three spices to taste-tweaking and serving took less than 20 minutes.  I also learned that pita and hummus are a protein-packed combination.  The former put homemade hummus in my recipe book and repertoire.  The latter inspired me to write this post and share the welcome news with those who need the proteins and all the essential amino acids readily found in meats and poultry – without actually eating them.

Remembering My Horse, Dolce

Dolce and I were horse and rider for nearly fifteen years. PHOTO: Lisa Bernard My muse passed early last winter. Peacefully. In the pasture he grazed with gusto. At the mouth of the trails he trotted out on our daily excursions. My column, STABLE NEWS, is devoted to his memory and the inimitable place he…