It started out as an improvisation. A blueberry, banana, soy milk and yogurt smoothie usually caps off my morning regimen. But last week, I was out of blueberries and bananas. Home from my jog and getting hangry, I was pressed for a quick nutritional boost as I made a more substantial breakfast. As I pulled orange juice and a yogurt from the frig for a snack, it hit me. Why not make an orange-vanilla smoothie? Into the blender I put soy milk, orange juice, Greek vanilla yogurt, a dash of vanilla extract and a half a cup or so of frozen cubed mango. Pulse, pulse and voila! It was a nice, cold, sweet and creamy oral throwback to a delicious childhood ritual: the Good Humor Creamsicle! Growing up in Queens, summer nights in the 1960s saw the men in white trucks more often than we saw our relatives on “the Island.” Nostalgia quickly came a knockin’ and I started googling about Creamsicles. Who knew there’s a National Creamsicle Day? There is. It’s August 14th! And who knew how refreshing and healthy a Creamsicle Smoothie could be? It is. I’m sharing the get with you now. So here’s to your health, fellow boomer, and our collective good humor!

Lisa Bernard wrote in her own name and extensively as a ghost for others in support of her first career as a Russia wonk and watcher and her second career in oratory.  She has been published in the Congressional Record, In Business, The Columbia University Security Reader and The Entrepreneurial Edge, among others, and she been interviewed and featured in Crain’s Small Business, Agent & Manager Magazine and  twice on the cover of Newsday.  Her NOTES from the PODIUM series pioneered the trend in affordable materials for college students and lifelong learners.  She was a featured author at Cue Card Communications from 2004 to 2018, authoring and updating three sets of handbooks with a readership across the English-speaking world.  Today she is merrily semi-retired and happily writing about wildlife and peaceful pastimes on horseback or from her home in Connecticut.  Reach out to her at


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