Helping People Achieve their Goals One Speech, Conversation and Interview at a Time


Business presentations. Toasts. Motivational speeches. Eulogies. Sermons. Oral arguments. Tributes. Awards. Campaign communiqués. College admissions interviews. Sales pitches. Capital campaigns. Employment interviews. Fundraisers. Lectures. Talks. Acceptance speeches. Meetings. Panel presentations. Keynotes. Sit-downs. Sound-bites. Speeches of Introduction. Clinics. Closings. Conversations. 

Authors. Artists. Accountants. Applicants. Architects. Attorneys. Brokers. Bankers. Clerical staff. Clergy. CEOs. Diplomats. Doctors. Entrepreneurs. Engineers. Journalists. Retailers. Founders. Farmers. Florists. Diplomats. Heads of State. Managers. Military Personnel. Musicians. Nurses. Salespeople. Supervisors. Scientists. Students. Techies. Trainees. Teachers.  Undergrads from Gen Z to iGen.

Educated at Union College, (B.A.,1983) and Columbia University (M.I.A., 1989), Lisa Bernard came to oral communication with a deep respect for its unique role in the human experience. In 1988 she founded Foreign Affairs Speakers Bureau in New York City and prepared experts in international affairs for briefings, interviews, speeches and meetings from Houston to Hong Kong. In 1994 she established Lisa Bernard’s Word of Mouth, Inc., based in Westport, Connecticut, and guided people from all walks of life to make the most of their communication challenges. For twenty-plus years she ran workshops, designed and delivered seminars, coached in one-on-one sessions and crafted for others and delivered herself platform speeches in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Through the years she has softened accents from Seoul, slowed down fast-talkers from France, and helped managers in mid-town Manhattan make their meetings more manageable.

Today, Lisa is an empty-nester since raising her family and more committed professionally than ever.  She is again devoted to the intersection of communication and international affairs with a speakers bureau, Lisa Bernard’s SecuritySpeak, LLC, through which experts on cyber-security, national security, crisis management and global security address audiences worldwide.  She is committed to developing all levels of public speakers, from the newcomers she teaches weekly at the college level, to the seasoned veterans for whom she holds master classes upon demand.  When she needs a break, Lisa can often be found trail-riding on her beloved horse, Dolce, a rescued Arabian gelding.  Rumor has it, that as busy as she is, she can be lured into more for compelling clients and especially challenging communication situations.  You can run yours by her by emailing LisaBernard@SecuritySpeak,net or phoning (203) 293-4741. See more of her work at and  Follow her blog Security Briefs at   Find her on Facebook at


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